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This is a private Community where the Director and members can connect, collaborate, and communicate with one another in a secure online setting. The Director can post Announcements about the business of the AASUA. The online Discussion Forum provides members a place to ask questions, start a new topic, join the discussion, or share ideas.

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About Trust/Research Academic Staff Members

As stated in the Collective Agreement

The members of the Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS) constituency group are academic staff members who have been appointed under Schedule E in the collective agreement where the source of funding for the appointment is from University restricted funds. A TRAS member may be a Research Academic who carries out or supports high-level, complex, research projects in collaboration with faculty members and other researchers; or may be a Trust Administrator who provides leadership, strategic advice and operational oversight of resources, and may include some research responsibilities; or may be a Library/Information Professional who carries out duties respecting the Library’s collection information system, teaching services, and library administration.

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