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Member Count

 ALES     101
 Arts      289
 Augustana    50
 Business       73
 CSJ      28
 Education    101
 Engineering     229
 FoMD      612
 KSR      35
 Law   31
 Native Studies      10
 Nursing     28
 Pharmacy     20
 Public Health     27
 Rehab     36
 Science   279

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This a private Community where the Director and constituency members can connect, collaborate, and communicate with one another in a secure online setting. The Director can post Announcements about the business of the AASUA. The online Discussion Forum provides members a place to ask questions, start a new topic, join the discussion, or share ideas. 


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Participate in your private faculty community with your faculty members and faculty Councillors. 

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About Academic Faculty Members

As stated in the Collective Agreement

The members of the Academic Faculty constituency group are academic staff members who have been appointed under Schedule A of the collective agreement. Academic Faculty members are scholars, active in teaching, in research, and in service.

Director - Academic Faculty Ann McDougallSend Message

Who is my Councillor representative? 

Dr. Taymy Caso, Councillor - EducationSend Message
Guillaume Durou, Councillor - CSJSend Message
Ehab S. Elmallah, Councillor - ScienceSend Message
Brian A. Fleck, Councillor - EngineeringSend Message
Liran Levin, Councillor - FoMDSend Message
Nicole V. Lugosi-Schimpf, Alternate - Academic FacultySend Message
Christopher Lupke, Councillor - ArtsSend Message
Alison M. Murray, Councillor - ScienceSend Message
Lakshmi Puttagunta, Councillor - FoMDSend Message
Trina C. Rosaasen, Councillor - FoMDSend Message
Florin Sabac, Councillor - BusinessSend Message
Frank Trovato, Councillor - ArtsSend Message
Nancy L. Van Styvendale, Councillor - Native StudiesSend Message
Joseph R. Wiebe, Councillor - AugustanaSend Message