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General Information About Your Employment

If you are seeking general information about your employment, please use the search function at the top of the University of Alberta website here.

Direct links are provided for you as follows based on frequently asked questions.

Pension and/or benefits
Contact your Pension and Benefits Advisor by going 

Vacation entitlements, leaves, tuition remission, academic childcare benefit, etc.
Contact your HR Representative by going 

Ending employment
Information about the cessation of benefits is available 

Your employment contract
Contact to make a request.

Your collective agreement
You can access the AASUA collective agreement by going

Not sure which collective agreement your employment falls under?
Review your Letter of Appointment, which identifies the agreement your employment is governed by.

Not sure what your Letter of Appointment looks like?
You can view a sample 


                                                              Read more ....


If you are seeking assistance with a potential grievance, or need to contact a Labour Relations Officer, please go here

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