2019 - 2020 Executive Members

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President  – Kevin Kane

         Chair: Executive

         Chair: Personnel Committee

         AASUA voting member on General Faculties Council (GFC) 

Vice-President – Rachel Milner

         Chair: Governance Committee

         Member on the Personnel Committee

Treasurer – Ricardo Acuña

         Chair: Finance Committee

         Member on the Personnel Committee

Equity Officer – Terra Garneau

         Chair: Equity & Diversity Committee


Academic Faculty  – Brian Fleck

Ex Officio on the Advocacy Committee

Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) – Timothy Mills

         Ex Officio on the Bargaining Planning Committee

Administrative Professional Officer (APO) – Randa Kachkar

         Chair: Grievances Committee

         AASUA representative on the Protective Services Advisory Committee 

         AASUA representative on the Campus Safety and Security Committee

Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS) – Alsu Kuznetsova

Ex Officio on the Member Engagement Committee

Temporary Librarian, Administrative and Professional Officer (TLAPS) – vacant

Librarians – Cam Laforest

         Member on the Personnel Committee

Faculty Service Officer (FSO) – Eric Flaim

         Ex Officio on the Academic Affairs Committee

AASUA representative on the University Research Policy Committeevacant  


Lead Negotiator - Gordon Swaters

Director and General Counsel – Brygeda Renke

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