2018 - 2019 Executive Members

Photo of Ricardo AcunaOffline

Ricardo Acuna

Photo of Eric FlaimOffline

Eric Flaim

Photo of Brian FleckOffline

Brian Fleck

Photo of Terra GarneauOffline

Terra Garneau

Photo of Randa KachkarOffline

Randa Kachkar

Photo of Kevin KaneOffline

Kevin Kane

Photo of Alsu KuznetsovaOffline

Alsu Kuznetsova

Photo of Camille LaforestOffline

Camille Laforest

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Timothy Mills

Photo of Rachel MilnerOffline

Rachel Milner

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Brygeda Renke


President  – Kevin Kane

         Chair: Executive

         Chair: Personnel Committee

         AASUA voting member on General Faculties Council (GFC) 

Vice-President – Rachel Milner

         Chair: Governance Committee

         Member on the Personnel Committee

Treasurer – Ricardo Acuña

         Chair: Finance Committee

         Member on the Personnel Committee

Equity Officer – Terra Garneau

         Chair: Equity & Diversity Committee


Academic Faculty  – Brian Fleck

Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) – Timothy Mills

         Ex Officio on the Bargaining Planning Committee

Administrative Professional Officer (APO) – Randa Kachkar

         Chair: Grievances Committee

         AASUA representative on the Protective Services Advisory Committee 

         AASUA representative on the Campus Safety and Security Committee

Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS) – Alsu Kuznetsova

Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff (TAPS) – vacant

Librarians – Cam Laforest

         Member on the Personnel Committee

Faculty Service Officer (FSO) – Eric Flaim

         Ex Officio on the Academic Affairs Committee

         AASUA representative on the University Research Policy Committee

Ex Officio on the Advocacy Committeevacant  

Ex officio on the Member Engagement Committee - vacant


Lead Negotiator - vacant

Director and General Counsel – Brygeda Renke

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