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Executive Committee

2017 - 2018 Executive Committee Members

President Email Heather Bruce

Vice-President  Rachel Milner

TreasurerRicardo Acuña

Constituency Chairs:

Academic Faculty Committee – Carolyn Sale

Vice-Chair of Academic Faculty Committee – Andy Holt

Vice-Chair of Academic Faculty Committee – Judy Davidson

Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) – Timothy Mills

Administrative Professional Officer (APO) – Justine Zahara

Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS) – Rineke Steenbergen

Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff (TAPS) – Mark Karstad

Librarians – Cam Laforest

Faculty Services Officers (FSO) – Ryan McKay

Chairs of Standing Committees:

Research & Scholarly Activity – Eric Flaim

Chair of Equity – Janice Williamson

Chair of Members’ Advisory Committee – Florin Sabac

Chair of Teaching & Learning Committee – Jennifer Branch-Mueller

Executive Director, Ex Officio Email Brygeda Renke

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