2017 - 2018 Council Members

President Email Heather Bruce

Vice-President  Rachel Milner

TreasurerRicardo Acuña

Renewable Resources – Nadir Erbilgin
Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Sciences – Nat Kav

Political Science – John Church
History & Classics – Ryan Dunch
Political Science – Catherine Kellogg
English and Film Studies – Carolyn Sale
English & Film Studies – Janice Williamson

AugustanaGerhard Lotz

BusinessFlorin Sabac

Elementary Education – Jennifer Branch-Mueller

Chemical and Materials Engineering – Phillip Choi
Chemical and Materials Engineering – Stevan Dubljevic

ExtensionKent Rondeau

Law James Muir

Public HealthUnfilled

Medicine and Dentistry
Pharmacology – Andy Holt
MMI – Kevin Kane
Pediatrics – Tamizan Kherani
Cell Biology – Paul Melancon
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology – Lakshmi Puttagunta
Surgery – Trina Uwiera

Native Studies Paul Gareau


Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Unfilled

Physical Education and Recreation Judy Davidson

Rehabilitation Medicine Mary Forhan

Campus Saint-JeanMaïté Snauwaert

Earth & Atmospheric, Computing Sciences – Ehab Elmallah
Biological Sciences – Alison Murray
Math & Statistical Sciences – Gordon Swaters

Academic Teaching Staff (ATS)

Campus Saint-Jean – Guillaume Durou
Elementary Education – Dougal MacDonald
History & Classics – Kelly MacFarlane
History & Classics – Katy Mackay
Linguistics – Timothy Mills
Physical Therapy – Iain Muir
School of Dentistry – Alexandra Sheppard

Administrative Professional Officer (APO)
Information Services & Technology – Jim Boyes
Office of Advancement – Marsha Boyd
Research Facilitator – Martine Desrochers 
Parking Services – Randa Kachkar
Science – Anna Rissanen
Clinical Services – Kevin Wallace

Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS)
School of Public Health – Denise Adams
Medical Microbiology and Immunology – Michael Joyce
Medical Microbiology and Immunology – Rineke Steenbergen
Civil & Environmental Engineering – Gonzalo Zambrano

Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff (TAPS)
Libraries – Laura Hamonic
Office of Education – Mark Karstad

Cam Laforest
Sean Luyk

Faculty Service Officer (FSO)
Engineering – Eric Flaim
Chemistry – Ryan McKay

Member at Large
History & Classics – Jennifer Jay
History & Classics – Christopher Mackay

Executive Director, Ex Officio Email Brygeda Renke

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