Nominations for Equity Officer

Submit your Nomination by following these steps:

  • click "Add an Article"
  • for the "Title" type the words: My Nomination for Equity Officer
  • in the "Summary" or in the body, state the position you wish to stand for
  • insert into the article or attach your biography and statement of vision of not more than 500 words in Word or PDF
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Send to Moderator”
  • if you wish to make any changes after posting your Nomination, click the down pointing error next to your Title (or in "Actions") and click "Edit" and follow the above steps again 

You will be notified by the Electoral Officer when your Nomination is approved and published.

Nominations close 12 noon on March 13, 2020.

Click on the Candidate's article to view their bio / vision statement and scroll down to see any attachments.

Video Speech:

  • shall be no more than 10 minutes 
  • you may submit your own video or you may meet with our videographer as soon as possible to have your speech recorded and submitted before close of Nominations.

Email Grant
Tel: 780-492-2103

Photo of Terra GarneauOffline

Terra Garneau - intent to run for re-election

By Terra Garneau

I am running for re-election as the AASUA Equity Officer.
I have been involved in AASUA since 2008 and the heart of that involvement has been an urge to contribute to the community of members of AAUSA. I would like to have your support to continue the work as Equity Officer that I have only just begun.

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