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  • for the "Title" type the words: My Nomination for Councillor 
  • in the "Summary" or in the body, state the position you wish to stand for (ie. name your constituency; for Faculty, name your Faculty
  • insert into the article or attach your biography and statement of vision of not more than 500 words in Word or PDF
  • scroll down and unclick "Allow members to comment" 
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Send to Moderator”
  • if you wish to make any changes after posting your Nomination, click the arrow pointing down next to your Title (or in "Actions") and click "Edit" and follow the above steps again 

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Nominations close 12 noon on April 10, 2020.

Click on the Candidate's article to view their bio / vision statement and scroll down to see any attachments.

Photo of Andrea HasenbankOffline

My Nomination for Councillor

By Andrea Hasenbank

Councillor, Academic Teaching Staff

Photo of Nancy Van StyvendaleOffline

My Nomination for Councillor

By Nancy Van Styvendale

Faculty Constituency, Faculty of Native Studies


My Nomination for Councillor

By Tamizan Kherani

Faculty Constituency, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD)


My nomination for Councillor

By Corwin Sullivan

Faculty constituency, Faculty of Science


My Nomination as Councillor

By Saad Salim

Councillor, TLAPS (Temporary Librarian, Administrators and Professional Staff)

Photo of Tim WeisOffline

My Nomination for Councillor

By Tim Weis

Councillor, Academic Teaching Staff

Photo of Trevor PhillipsOffline

My Nomination for Councillor

By Trevor Phillips

Councillor, APO Constituency (Office of the Registrar)

Photo of Liran LevinOffline

My Nomination for Councillor

By Liran Levin

Faculty Constituency, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD)

Photo of Mark KarstadOffline

My Nomination for Councillor

By Mark Karstad

Councillor -- TLAPS

Photo of Glynnis LiebOffline

My Nomination for Councillor

By Glynnis Lieb


My name is Glynnis Lieb. The position I am standing for is TLAPS, Faculty of Education.

I received my PhD in Social and Personality Psychology from the University of Manitoba. I am currently employed as Professional Staff, managing the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (iSMSS) in the Faculty of Education. I have been with the U of A since 2018 but I have 16 years of experience as a post-secondary instructor. I have also worked in Social Services and the not-for-profit sector, in mental health and addiction-related roles.

I am a dedicated labour activist and have been involved in my union(s) my entire working/adult life. I have served as Chair of my union local in another institution that I continue to teach at for 6 years. I volunteered as provincial Treasurer for that same union for 3 years. I also was contracted as Outreach Director for the Alberta Federation of Labour for over 2 years. I currently sit on the AASUA Equity Committee and am a Trustee for CAUT. I was an active participant in the PSLA hearings that were held in Alberta in 2016/2017. I have direct experience with political lobbying for post-secondary interests at both the provincial and federal government levels. I am also the Chair of COCAL, a tri-national coalition of precarious/sessional instructors and graduate students who are labour activists in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to participate in AASUA in this capacity. I am hoping to help move AASUA forward, towards becoming an increasingly politically active and community involved union that gives our members the support and empowerment they deserve.

Thank you for considering my nomination.

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