Nominations for Directors

Nominations closed 12 noon on Friday, April 24, 2020.

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Photo of Eric FlaimOffline

My Nomination for Director

By Eric Flaim

I am running for FSO Director

Photo of Mark KarstadOffline

My Nomination for Director

By Mark Karstad

My name is Mark Karstad. I am running for Director of the TLAPS constituency for AASUA for the term, 2020 - 2021.

Photo of Camille LaforestOffline

My Nomination for Director

By Camille Laforest

I am running for director of the Librarians constituency group

Photo of Alsu KuznetsovaOffline

Photo of Kristine SmitkaOffline

My Nomination for Director

By Kristine Smitka

I am running to be Director of the ATS constituency group

Photo of Glynnis LiebOffline

My Nomination for Director

By Glynnis Lieb

My name is Glynnis Lieb. I represent TLAPS, Faculty of Education. I am a dedicated and experienced labour activist and believe I can help enhance AASUA's presence on campus and effectiveness in supporting members and fighting for a better, more equitable working environment.

Photo of Barbara BakerOffline

My Nomination for Director

By Barbara Baker

I am submitting my statement of interest to stand for the position of Director, APO Constituency.

Photo of Brian FleckOffline

Academic Faculty

By Brian Fleck

This past year I have been on the executive in the role of Director representing the Academic Faculty constituency. During this time I led unprecedented consultation with Departments, an open collaborative survey, round table discussions with Department chairs on FEC, personal development in director training, and preparation for our contract negotiations.

Photo of Carolyn SaleOffline

Nomination for Director

By Carolyn Sale

I am asking for your support to be your Academic Faculty Director for 2020-21. I have had the honour of serving in this role four times. I have also served as President. My commitment is to an expert, pro-active, and transparent Executive that supports our true strength: highly engaged, well-informed members.

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