How to Unsubscribe

how to Unsubscribe from all AASUA Communications

Please contact Reception if you do not wish to receive any communications from AASUA and wish to be removed entirely from our communications list. 

You will no longer have any access to the private members' zone on the AASUA website platform.

You will no longer receive any formal notices of any ratification votes or elections. 

However, you will still be on the members' voters list for all elections and ratification votes (pursuant to AASUA Bylaws).

How to Unsubscribe from some Blogs, Announcements and Forums

1. Members must Login first. 

2. Navigate to your profile's Subscriptions page

On the Userbar located at the top of the left side of the page click your name. Select Subscriptions from the menu.

3. Select Never from the subscription's Action Button

Find the subscription you would like to remove and click its Action Button. Select Never from the menu. If this subscription was from a group subscription it will move to the Unsubscribed Group Subscriptions of your Subscriptions page.


Reception 780-492-5321

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