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Academic Staff Members

The AASUA is the exclusive bargaining agent for employees that have been designated by the Board of Governors of the University of Alberta as academic staff into seven constituency groups.

The lists of AASUA members are reflective of the information provided by the employer to the AASUA as at October and subject to fluctuations throughout the year. 

Non-employee Members

Pursuant to the AASUA Bylaws (approved March 21, 2018), any member whose contract of employment with the employer concludes may remain members in the Association for up to one year but must register with the Association not more than 30 days after their employment concludes.

Off-contract members (ie. non-employees) would have all the same rights as employed members including the right to be nominated for and elected to any elected position of the Association (subject to any specific eligibility requirements in the bylaws), to vote for all Officers, Directors, and Councillors, to ratify a collective agreement, to cast any vote for or against strike action, and entitled to any other rights in the Bylaws or in the Labour Relations Code, but only after completing the "Registration Form" and submitting it to the AASUA within 30 days of their contract ending.


A member of the Association who retires from employment at the University of Alberta may register with the Association as a retiree according to policy set by Council.  Retirees may be appointed to and serve on committees, for which they would have been eligible as a member; and may attend general meetings and speak at general meetings where given the privilege of doing so by the members in attendance, according to policy set by Council.

Retirees have no voting rights in elections, referendums or ratifications, or at general meetings. 

*For 2017, CAS:T is now ATS and SOTS is now TAPS

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