Vice-President Timothy Mills

As Director of ATS for the last three years, I have represented the second-largest group of academics at the University of Alberta - about a quarter of our membership. I have worked on outreach, facilitating participation from those members who wish to be more involved, and feedback from those who have experience and knowledge to help me make fully-informed decisions on behalf of members. I helped the bargaining team to achieve real gains last year, and was also chair of the Bargaining Planning Committee this fall, coordinating the planning process for the current round of bargaining. Our work ensured that every member had a chance to provide meaningful input into what the association is fighting for in this difficult political climate.

Although representing ATS, I work on Executive and Council with academics of all types, supporting the truly fascinating complexity of our membership with our various overlapping duties, interests, and ambitions. As Vice President of the AASUA, I look forward to interacting even more with members from across the university. In this role, I will support the President, who is the spokesperson of the Association. Together, we can push against the provincial government’s anti-labour stance, and support the rights of our members to job security and academic freedom. The Board of Governors must be reminded, regularly and firmly, that the heart of the University is the Academics. Management must support us in our work if the University is to remain one of Canada’s most-respected institutions.

I have also served on the Governance Committee for the past two years - a committee chaired by the Vice President. There, I have helped to draft the recently-ratified changes to the bylaws, and to craft AASUA policy on various matters. This work has helped me to see the important structural support that bylaws and policy give to the Association. As a linguist, I enjoy the opportunity to craft language that is clear and functional. As Vice President, I will continue the important work of this committee. I will also work on ways to more effectively communicate - both to tell others what the committee does and why, and to enable others to tell the committee what else might need work.

As Vice President, I will work to maintain and enhance a culture of mutual support within the AASUA, removing barriers wherever possible to enable all of us to focus on the reason we are here in the first place: our academic work.

AASUA experience

  • ATS member since 2013 (“CAST” until 2017 - different name, same awesome people)
  • AASUA Councillor since 2015, representing ATS
  • AASUA Executive member since 2017, as Director of ATS
  • Member of CAUT/ACPPU Contract Academic Staff committee since 2017 (This committee represents contract academics such as ATS in CAUT, a national organization that advocates for academic teachers.)
  • Member of Governance Committee since 2018
  • Chair of Bargaining Planning Committee, 2019-2020
  • Appointed as support for Bargaining teams, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020

Other community service

  • Edmonton Caledonian Country Dance Society Treasurer, 2016-2017
  • Junior Forest Wardens leader since 

    Timothy MillsAssistant Lecturer

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