Treasurer Randa Kachkar

"Why do I want to become AASUA treasurer?

We have 3 main things that we need to grapple with currently: Money, member engagement and member apathy. Yes, Apathy. I know it is a provocative word but it is a fact. We continue to witness an erosion of interest by the members as less and less members stand for positions or attend meetings. I do believe that in order for us to continue to remain viable - we must engage the membership by creating and sustaining a space that is collaborative and inviting.

Executive has to examine this issue and continue to work on ways to strengthen the association because the association is under siege  - whether it be government budget cuts or heavier work loads, or member is a time when we need to stand united more than ever as outside forces continue to slash away at our numbers and our funding.   

The AASUA is a business and I have the experience to oversee the finances of a business. We need a business person in the role of treasurer – someone that can scan a financial statement and spot where savings can be found or where spending can be curbed without affecting the execution of the mandate. We need to ensure the members' needs are met while remaining cognizant of the constraints.


Randa Kachkar

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