President Kevin Kane

Bio/Vision: Kevin Kane

Professor, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Relevant Experience:

2016/7-­‐present Council Member Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta (AASUA)

2015/4-­‐ 2018/4 Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Executive Committee, Representative-­‐at-­‐Large

2015/7-­‐2016/7 Past President, AASUA

2014/7-­‐2015/7 President, AASUA; Treasurer, Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA), concurrent

2013/6-­‐2014/7 President, AASUA; Treasurer, CAFA (concurrent) 2012/6-­‐ 2013/7 Vice President AASUA; Delegate to CAFA (concurrent)

2009/7-­‐2012/6 Council Member AASUA; Academic Faculty Committee Member (concurrent)

I have a wealth of experience in academic and workplace issues spanning a wide arc, including academic freedom, equity, research, teaching and learning, member disputes, working conditions of contract academic staff, and bargaining, among others. Much of this experience stems from serving as AASUA President (2 consecutive years), and as a representative-­‐at-­‐large on the national CAUT Executive Committee (3 consecutive years). Examples of my contributions are: 1) my vigorous defence of the appropriate broad definition of academic freedom of our AASUA members, opposing attempts by the former University administration to narrowly define academic freedom, in order to restrict the scope of matters our members could speak to; 2) through CAUT, I participated in the direct lobbying effort of the Get Science Right campaign which led to substantial and historic increases in federal tri-­council research funding, a major change of great importance to many of our AASUA members.


I see myself promoting substantial collective progress on the spectrum of issues of common concern to AASUA members, and on issues specific to our individual constituency groups. I feel the AASUA Executive and Council are not reaching their full potential. By nature, if not necessity, I am an organized multi-tasker, who seeks consensus in establishing priorities and actions. I will foster a more collaborative environment in AASUA governance bodies that enhances collegial discourse, and the channeling of concerns and aspirations of our members into tangible and productive outcomes on issues important to AASUA members. This approach extends to promoting changes at General Faculties Council (GFC) such that important academic issues are consistently brought to GFC and decided there.

Teaching and research are our core missions. As AASUA members and dedicated employees, we work at the U of A., and equally so, the University has to work for us. Our members experience substantial frustration with the insufficient yet required tools provided by the University administration to support our core missions, and with deficient or unnecessarily bureaucratic processes that interfere with our ability to serve our students in teaching and to perform our research, sapping morale. I will make it a priority to work diligently to ensure that our advice is heard and acted upon by the administration such that we can perform our direct or support roles in our core missions at the highest levels, enhancing our job satisfaction, student achievement, and research progress.

It would be an honour and a privilege to serve you for the next two years as President of AASUA.

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