Equity Officer

Equity Officer Terra Garneau

Currently as the Research Facilitator for the Faculty of Engineering, one of my focus areas is to help researchers bring Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into their research activities.  I would like to combine this with my long time involvement with AASUA and as the AASUA Equity Officer.

Brief Biography

Terra Garneau, P.Eng. received her B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1985 from the University of Alberta. She holds a Management Development Certificate, and a Marketing Management Certificate both from the U of A. She worked as an Engineer and as a Product Manager with TELUS Communications for 15 years prior to joining the the University 19 years ago in the Faculty of Engineering as the Department APO in Electrical & Computer Engineering.  She is currently with the Research Services Office as the Research Facilitator for the Faculty of Engineering.

Terra has been involved in AASUA since 2008 and the heart of that involvement has been an urge to contribute to the community of members of AAUSA. 

Association of Academic Staff, University of Alberta (AASUA) Member of AASUA Council (2008-12, 2014-16), Chair Administrative Professional Officer Standing Committee (2009-10) and Vice Chair (2008-09), Member of Research and Scholarly Activities Committee (2008-09), (2010-11) and Chair (2011-12),  Member of AASUA Executive Committee (2009-10), (2011-12), Member of AASUA Finance Committee (2009-10), (2010-11), (2011-12), Member U of Alberta Renaissance Committee (2013), Member of AASUA Member Engagement Committee (2018-19)

  • 2013 “Report of the Renaissance Committee, A Joint Committee of AASUA and Administration (on Behalf of the Board of Governors)”, JC Cahill, Jason Carey, Chris Cheeseman, Terra Garneau, Florence Glanfield, Lili Liu, Lu-Anne McFarlane, Ian MacLaren, Kisha Supernant

  • 2010 CAURA National Conference, “Evolution of the Research Facilitator Initiative”, Terra Garneau and Joanne Simala-Grant

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