Equity Officer

Equity Officer Terra Garneau

Re-elected as the AASUA Equity Officer. I have been in this position since April 2019, which isn’t a lot of time to make an impact.  I would like to have your support to continue the work I have only just begun which includes setting up a diverse and productive Equity and Diversity committee.  So far we have reviewed UAPPOL policies and Procedures (hiring, purchasing, restricted items, payments etc): to identify areas where procedures and policies need to recognize diversity of participation and ensure institutional commitment to equitable treatment and have learned to identify ways academic staff associations can best utilize collective bargaining, grievance arbitration and campaigns to advance equity and build a better workplace for all.

As Co-Chair of the Employment Equity Joint Task Force, working with the Deputy Provost, a dedicated, and diverse, group of 8 individuals on the Task Force recently completed our work and submitted Equity Language for our Collective Agreement to our respective bargaining teams.

The coming days and weeks are going to be challenging for all of us.  In order to survive the latest cuts to the University’s Campus Alberta grant, which amounts to almost 18% over the past 4 months, the way we do things will need to change.  There are going to be some difficult choices and we will need to approach them with the view to equitable treatment of all our members.  

It is going to be important to find effective ways to engage our members in meaningful conversations about the issues facing us as members of the University Community and as an Association, while also keeping in focus the value of equity, diversity and inclusivity along the way.

I will continue to work with Executive, the Equity and Diversity Committee and our Member Engagement Committee to move forward on these issues. 

Here is my history of service to the AASUA

  • Association of Academic Staff, University of Alberta (AASUA) Member of AASUA Council (2008-12, 2014-16, 2019-20), 
  • Chair Administrative Professional Officer Standing Committee (2009-10) and Vice Chair (2008-09), 
  • Member of Research and Scholarly Activities Committee (2008-09), (2010-11) and Chair (2011-12),  
  • Member of AASUA Executive Committee (2009-10), (2011-12), 
  • Member of AASUA Finance Committee (2009-10), (2010-11), (2011-12), 
  • Member U of Alberta Renaissance Committee (2013),
  • Member of AASUA Member Engagement Committee (2018-20), 
  • Chair of AASUA Equity and Diversity Committee (2019-20), 
  • Co-Chair of Employment Equity Joint Task Force (Nov 2019 to Feb 2020),
  • Equity Officer (2019-20).

Brief Biography
Terra Garneau, P.Eng. received her B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1985 from the University of Alberta. She holds a Management Development Certificate, and a Marketing Management Certificate both from the U of A. She worked as an Engineer and as a Product Manager with TELUS Communications for 15 years prior to joining the the University 20 years ago in the Faculty of Engineering as the Department APO in Electrical & Computer Engineering. She is currently with the Research Services Office as the Research Facilitator for the Faculty of Engineering.
Terra has been involved in AASUA since 2008 and the heart of that involvement has been an urge to contribute to the community of members of AAUSA.

Terra Garneau

Research Facilitator and AASUA Equity Officer

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