The members in the Association elect their Officers, Directors and their representatives on Council. Officers are elected for two year terms; Directors are elected for one year terms; and Councillors are elected for three year terms. The elections process is set out in the AASUA Bylaws. The Executive manages the business and affairs of the Association, and the property and other assets of the Association, in accordance with the positions policies, goals and objectives established by Council or the members of the Association at general meetings. The President is the spokesperson on behalf of the Association.

July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2021 Council Members


Back Row: Brygeda Renke, Alison Murray, Ryan McKay, Christopher Mackay, Derek Apel, James Muir, Carolyn Sale, Jonathan Anuik

Middle Row: Lakshmi Puttagunta, Randa Kachkar, Alsu Kuznetsova, Tamara Arnold, Paul Melançon, Kathy Belton, Camille Laforest, Adam Kemezis, Judy Davidson, Liz Czach, Kristine Smitka, Kelly MacFarlane

Front Row: Guillaume Durou, Ryan Dunch, Eric Flaim, Timothy Mills, Rachel Milner, Kevin Kane, Ricardo Acuña, Florin Sabac, Sean Ryan, Tara Milbrandt 

Missing:  Heather Bruce, Phillip Choi, Tarek El-Bialy, Michael Joyce, Katy Mackay, Kent Rondeau, Rineke Steenbergen, Gordon Swaters, Trina Uwiera, Kevin Wallace, Gonzalo Zambrano

Missing Newly Elected: Jeff Bone, Jim Boyes, Cary Brown, Kate Davies, Ehab Elmallah, Brian Fleck, Michael Mackenzie, Iain Muir, Farhad Peerani, Erin Pollock

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President 2018 - 2020

Vice-President 2018 - 2020

Treasurer 2018 - 2020

Equity Officer 2019 - 2020

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