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Executive - What we do

The Executive is comprised of the Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Equity Officer) who are elected by the membership; the Directors, elected from and by each of the seven constituency groups; the Executive Director (ex officio, non-voting); and the Lead Negotiator (ex officio, non-voting while negotiations are in process). The President is the spokesperson on behalf of the AASUA.

In addition to the authorities and responsibilities under the bylaws, the Executive manages the business and affairs of the AASUA, and the property and other assets of the AASUA, in accordance with the positions policies, goals and objectives established by Council or the members of the AASUA at general meetings.

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This is a private Community where Executive members can connect, collaborate, and communicate with one another in a secure online setting. The Chair can post Announcements and the online Discussion Forum provides Executive members a place to ask questions, start a new topic, join the discussion, or share ideas. The Resource Library contains Executive Meeting Materials

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Ricardo Acuña, PresidentSend Message
Barbara A. Baker, Director - APOSend Message
Eric Flaim, Director - FSOSend Message
Brian A. Fleck, Director - Academic FacultySend Message
Terra J. Garneau, Equity OfficerSend Message
Randa Kachkar, TreasurerSend Message
Alsu M. Kuznetsova, Director - TRASSend Message
Sean M. Luyk, Director - LibrarianSend Message
Timothy Mills, Vice PresidentSend Message
Brygeda Renke, Ex Officio, Executive Director & General CounselSend Message
Roxanne Rowe, Associate Director, OperationsSend Message
Kristine Y. Smitka, Director - ATSSend Message
Gordon E. Swaters, Lead NegotiatorSend Message