The employer appoints academic staff members to one of seven constituency groups, each group having its own terms and conditions of employment under the appropriate Schedule in the collective agreement. The seven constituencies are:

  • Academic Faculty (FAC);
  • Academic Teaching Staff (ATS);
  • Administrative and Professional Officer (APO);
  • Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS);
  • Temporary Librarian, Administrative and Professional Officer TLAPS);
  • Faculty Service Officer (FSO); and
  • Librarians (LIB)

Constituencies have those powers explicitly stated in the bylaws and have other functions and responsibilities as Executive, Council, or the membership assign to them.

* Members must login to be able to gain access to their private constituency community. 

Members Count

Total 3784
 FAC 1971
 ATS   799
 APO   314
 TRAS   426
 TLAPS    121
 FSO      93
 LIB     60


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