Dear colleagues, 

As warmer weather arrives, I would like to thank you for continuing to provide your input in our ongoing bargaining planning process. I have heard some of the important changes you would like to see us negotiate for at the first of the constituency meetings, and look forward to each constituency’s finalized bargaining priorities. 

While the academic year is coming to a close, AASUA remains hard at work ramping up our preparations for negotiations in January 2024. This not only means deciding what we will fight for, but preparing for all outcomes, including the potential for job action. 

We don’t want a strike, but planning for the worst-case scenario is essential if we want to protect the important work we do as academic staff. As part of the preparation process, we are kicking off a search for a crucial leadership role: Job Action Coordinator. 

The Job Action Coordinator will work closely with Executive leading up to and during the bargaining process, and oversee the preparation for and execution of a strike, should that serious measure be necessary. They will sit on Executive as a non-voting ex officio member regarding bargaining planning, while negotiations are in process, and during job action. Examples of duties include organizing information pickets; liaising with the Picket, Job Action Services, and Transportation committees; and identifying and securing a job action headquarters. 

We are looking for a skilled organizer who is passionate about fostering collective action towards a common goal. For more information about the role and responsibilities, you can view the Job Action Committee Policy (you will have to log in to our website to gain access). The successful candidate will be supported in the role with a course release or equivalent for their service, which will begin in Fall 2023. 

Interested members can send a brief bio, including a vision statement for their work in the role, to my email. The deadline for applications is May 30.

I wish you all the best as the semester comes to a close, and look forward to being united again in the fall, when we will continue to ramp up our vital preparations for the next round of bargaining. 


Gordon Swaters 
AASUA President