Dear colleagues, 

I am pleased to announce we have completed another key step in our bargaining preparations: the selection of our Job Action Coordinator, Dr. Brian Gold. Gold is an assistant lecturer in the History, Classics, and Religious Studies Department, and the East Asian Studies Department. He brings a wealth of organizing experience to the role, having worked and volunteered in provincial and federal politics. He is a member of AASUA’s Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) Constituency. In the past, Gold has served as an ATS Councillor as well as on AASUA’s Advocacy Committee in 2021. You can get to know more about him in this profile

As Job Action Coordinator, Gold will oversee the execution of a strike, should that last serious measure prove necessary to reach a fair deal for AASUA Members. He will sit on AASUA’s Executive as a non-voting member for bargaining planning, while negotiations are in process, and during job action — if it occurs. Filling the role of Job Action Coordinator moves us forward as we prepare for any outcome we may face in our upcoming round of negotiations. As our union embarks on this work to get the best deal possible for our members, Gold will bring guidance, passion, and knowledge to our union’s organizing efforts throughout this year.


Gordon Swaters
AASUA President