Dear Members

I attended the General Faculties Council (GFC) on Monday, where I learned more from the Graduate Students Association (GSA) representatives about the current on-going disaster associated with many graduate students not receiving their employment contracts and their fear of not being paid. Read the Gateway article about this situation here. Specifically, the GSA representatives asked senior administration why this situation occurred and when will it be fixed. University administration explained to GFC that things like this happen when major administrative systems restructuring occurs – but gave no specific reason for this fiasco. As for the time frame for resolution, no guarantee was given but that it was hoped that over the next few days the contracts would be issued – with pay to follow. The administration did not announce any emergency temporary relief for affected graduate students at GFC. The GSA President informed GFC that the situation was desperate for some of his members both in terms of rents that are and will be due and the immediate ability to pay for food and other necessaries. The GSA President reminded GFC that historically a majority of the clients who visit the Campus Food Bank are graduate students, and the present crises will undoubtably increase demand at the Campus Food Bank.

I am pleased to announce that yesterday, AASUA Council, hearing about this situation, passed a resolution that AASUA donate the sum of $10,000 to the Campus Food Bank. Not only will this support our graduate students, but any person in the university community in need of assistance.

Gordon Swaters

AASUA President