Dear Members 

Back in June, 2021 the AASUA Executive made the decision to temporarily remove the AASUA Members’ Forum from our website until such a time that AASUA Council could meet to consider the full AASUA Communications Policy, and either revise it or confirm that it is currently meeting the needs of the Association.

At the September 16 meeting of Council, Vice-President Tim Mills, on behalf of the AASUA Governance Committee, presented the background on the Members’ Forum issue and the corresponding Communications Policy, and shared with Council results of the AASUA Member Survey (you must log into the website to read this document) on Communications showing member feedback on communications, the website, and the forum. Tim Mills also provided information on discussion forums at other faculty unions. The Governance Committee shared three different options for moving forward: removing the Members’ Forum entirely from the Communications Policy; fully restoring the Members’ Forum exactly as it was before its temporary removal; and restoring the Members’ Forum but only as an opt-in forum for members rather than the past practice of making it opt-out.

After extensive discussion and debate around the three options, the following motion was made and carried: To remove the Members’ Forum from the AASUA website and to revise the Communications Policy, section 4.0.4, to remove the final two paragraphs referencing the Members’ Forum.

As a result of that motion I can report to the membership that the Members’ Forum, and all related content, has now been officially removed from the AASUA website.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any member of the Executive.

For assistance on how to login to the website, please click this link here.

Thank you,

Brygeda Renke

Executive Director & General Counsel