Dear Members

Please be advised that AASUA and NASA will be conducting an information picket as planned on November 26.

Unfortunately, the University has decided that we will not be allowed to conduct the meeting on University property.  It is our opinion that their rational to deny our request is seriously flawed. Despite the activities of the University that have made scheduling this meeting more challenging than necessary, we have a location and the rally will take place. 

The meeting will take place as follows:

When: 12:30 noon this Friday, November 26

Location:  south of Timms Centre on 87 ave and 112 street

Timing: setting will take place at noon and the rally will start no later than 12:30 pm and end by 1:30 pm. 

If you are not able to attend for the entire time, please come for any portion you can. There is strength in numbers and solidarity. Although we encourage AASUA members to show their solidarity, we are neither encouraging our members to engage in work stoppage nor to neglect their job responsibilities as covered by the collective agreement. 

Please remember to bring your masks. AASUA masks are being delivered to your campus office this week. We will have AASUA flags and signs available for those wanting to use such communication vehicles. 

F.W. [Rick] Brick

Chair – AASUA Job Action Committee

Associate Executive Professor

Alberta School of Business - Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Management