Dear AASUA Members

This is a call for nominations for three AASUA members to serve as Trustees for a two year term to represent the interests of the AASUA on the CAUT Defence Fund.

The CAUT Defence Fund provides unionized Canadian academic member unions with a unified strike fund. The Trustees have fiduciary responsibilities to ensure that the fund is used solely to meet the objective and the purposes of the fund and to represent the views and interests of their own association. The number of Trustees allocated to AASUA in accordance with the CAUT Defence Fund’s bylaws is nine.  AASUA has four Officers and two AASUA members as Trustees and now seeks to fill these three seats.

If you are interested in serving in this role, please email me your name and a brief bio by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

If more than three members stand for available seats, then the membership will vote in an election to be held this month. 

The CAUT Defence Fund is holding its AGM on October 16, 2021 at which time the AASUA representatives will be confirmed as Trustees.  For more information about the CAUT Defence Fund, please read here.

Thank you.

Brygeda Renke

Executive Director & General Counsel