On behalf of the President, this is the first call to the membership and to the public inviting self-nominations for the role of Electoral Officer (EO) and Deputy Electoral Officer (DEO) for a one year term commencing Feb. 17, 2023. 

The EO oversees all elections for Officers, Directors, Councillors, and Alternate Councillors in accordance with Article 26 of the AASUA bylaws and policy set by Council. Where the EO is unable to perform their duties, the DEO will assume those duties. Spring elections are normally held in March/April and fall by-elections are normally held in October.

Bylaw 26.1.2 states that the EO and the DEO may be members of the Association or parties external to the Association remunerated for their work, but shall not be an employee of the Association, nor an Officer or Director. As the Association is a member-run organization, Council will give priority to electing an EO and DEO who is a member, so long as they do not stand for election in the year that they serve in these roles, and to members who are from equity seeking groups.

Administrative support by the Executive Director shall be provided to the EO and DEO during the elections and by-elections process.

Nominations Process:

Nominees must state the position they stand for and submit their 'bio' to the Executive Director no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27. Update: this deadline has been extended to Tuesday, Feb. 7. 

Nominees shall propose, as part of the nomination process, the fee they would charge for their services, if applicable.

Council will elect the EO and the DEO at its meeting on Feb. 16.