Dear Members,

This is a call for nominations for three AASUA members to serve as Directors (formally known as Trustees) for a two year term commencing October 15, 2022 to represent the interests of the AASUA on the CAUT Defence Fund.

The CAUT Defence Fund is a strike fund for member unions of CAUT. The Defence Fund includes 65 member unions across Canada. The Defence Fund’s resources come from two sources: members unions’ dues and the interest which the Defence Fund earns from its invested assets. Member unions can apply for funds in the event of a labour dispute such as a strike or lockout, or for costs of mediation or arbitration to settle negotiations, so that members are adequately supported. The Defence Fund is managed by an Executive and elected directors who represent the member unions. The job of directors is two-fold: they ensure that the Defence Fund is well-managed and used according to its objectives, and they represent the views and interests of their own union. The directors also can choose to directly support unions involved in strike action on picket lines. Directors are elected every 2 years. They participate in monthly meetings by phone or video call, and travel to Toronto or Montreal once per year to participate in the Annual General Meeting. The work of a director is highly rewarding: it allows those elected to meet and work with union members from across Canada, and to manage a fund that is vital for the wellbeing of CAUT union members involved in labour disputes. AASUA is the largest member union in the CAUT Defence Fund, and currently has 9 director positions on the Defence Fund, which makes it imperative that AASUA is well represented at the Defence Fund meetings. 

Deadline to Submit your Nomination is 4:00 pm on Friday, September 9, 2022.

If you are interested in serving in this role, please submit your Nomination here.

If more than three members stand for available seats, then the membership will vote in an election to be held this month. 

The CAUT Defence Fund is holding its AGM in Montreal on October 15, 2022 at which time the AASUA nominees will be confirmed as Directors.  For more information about the CAUT Defence Fund, please read here.

Thank you.

Brygeda Renke

Executive Director & General Counsel